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Adventures In Climate Change
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So why Adventures in Climate Change?

Maria BanksThe data is overwhelming — Earth is in the process of recreating itself — and although our planet has done this before, the rate of change is faster than ever and all fingers point to us as the culprit. The science is depressing, frightening and gives our stomachs a bit of twist when thinking of the consequences. And by the way, "What the heck are we supposed to do about it, anyway?"

On the flip side, however, (not to sound too Pollyannaish), there's a lot of exciting moments to be had in the search to understand what the planet is up to and in coming up with solutions. This is a unique moment in human history and when faced with extraordinary circumstances humans have generally pulled through with some very interesting ideas.

So, to celebrate this ingeniuity, this site will highlight the amazing, incredible and sometimes treacherous work being done by scientists, activists and anyone involved in the unique challenge ahead of us — either as knowledge gathers, observers or innovators.

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