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Lori Wark, Managing Editor
Lori has been in the Web biz almost since Al Gore invented the Internet. A short career in radio production and a quick stint in TV, morphed into all things Web at Discovery Channel.  Slinging code led to producing history games and the occasional uplifting story  (The Black Death, The Dustbowl and Flu Pandemic of 1918). Somehow writing about  death and destruction led to environmental reporting.  After leaving the cotton-wool security of the corporate world, she is on her own and hoping to make a footprint (not of the carbon kind) in the world of climate understanding.
jen scope
Jen graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the University of Michigan and continued her design education at the Center for Creative Studies in Michigan. Like Lori,
Jen is also a Discovery Channel alumni. Her work at Discovery included a wide range of topics -- from the fun (World's Ugliest Dog, Your Dream Wedding, Punkin' Chuckin') to the more serious (The Vanishing Frog, Planet Green and Discovery Health). She is now a Web designer at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Designer Extraordinaire for Adventures in Climate Change. To relieve the stress of creative output, Jen turns herself into pretzels through yoga. For more of Jen's work visit her website.
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