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Adventures In Climate Change
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Wendee Nicole
Wendee reports on the latest conservation research and environmental issues. »
Elizabeth Royte
Elizabeth Royte keeps up to date on garbage and water issues. »
Dr Dawn
Follow Dr. Dawn in Rwanda as she treats and protects mountain gorillas.»
Brendan Buckley
Brendan Buckley's research on tree rings is creating a record of climate spanning 700
years. »
Lucy Spelman
Lucy Spelman reports about the endangered otters and wetlands of Karanambu.»
Keely Owens
Caver, Keely Owens, looks at the environment from a unique perspective. »
George Divoky
George Divoky travels to Cooper Island  to study a changing Arctic. »
350 or Bust
Researcher and writer Christine, has the scoop on Canadian take on climate change. »
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PHOTO CREDITS: Joel Salatin | Wendee Nicole | Elizabeth Royte | Mountain Gorilla Project | Brendan Buckley | Lucy Spelman | Keely Owens