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Adventures In Climate Change
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ocean drifters
 Tracy Shaw, zooplankton ecologist, studies tiny drifters in the Bering Sea to determine what effect changes in ocean temperature will have on their populations and, in turn, on the populations of the animals that depend on them for food.»

tour of cooper island
The first images are in for the 2011 season. »

honey island swamp
Wendee Nicole meets lots of gators in Louisiana.»
Read Wendee's blog.

Maria Banks meets penguins on the ice of Antarctica. It's a first encounter for both. »
Read Maria's blog.
plastic fish
Five media artists travel to Midway Atoll to record the effect of our disposable culture. »
antarctic clouds
Maria Banks captures images of the amazing Antarctic clouds. »
Read Maria's blog.
yolo bypass wildlife area
In 1916 the people of Sacramento, Calif., found a better way to control
flooding. »
river rages through it
Brendan Buckley sets out to work in the field and never imagines he won't get there. »
Read Brendan's blog.
From freight train tracks to park in the sky.»
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PHOTO CREDITS: Tracy Shaw | George Divoky | Maria Banks | Maria Banks | Brendan Buckley | Wendee Nicole | Chris Jordon | Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area/California Department of Fish and Game | Iwan Baan |