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Necessary but Not Always Evil

advertisingYes, Adventures in Climate Change is supported by advertising, but we don't just slap up any banner or sidebar ad. The products advertised on this site have been purchased and used by a member of the Adventures' staff or recommended by friends and fans. Companies and products, to the best of our knowledge, are ethical, strive for a positive or minimal impact on the environment and/or helps to rejuvenate places around the globe that are feeling the pressures of ecological destruction. In some cases Adventures will interview the people behind the companies, not to sell products, but because their story illustrates a new way of thinking about consumption.

Some advertised products are sold through the Adventures store. I am an Amazon Associate, which means that the items for sale on my site (unless otherwise noted) are sold through Amazon. If you make a purchase at our store, the price to you remains the same as if you were buying directly from Amazon. Adventures in Climate Change receives a small commission, which helps the running of this site.

If you have comments about our advertising or would like to advertise on Adventures in Climate Change, contact: The Editor
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