Shiba Inu To Launch Native Blockchain, Avorak AI Joins In For Cross-Chain Liquidity

Shiba Inu To Launch Native Blockchain

• Shiba Inu recently launched Shibarium Beta, a Layer-2 blockchain network based on Ethereum.
• SHIB will be the driver of this ecosystem, reducing reliance on Ethereum and introducing a token burning mechanism.
• This is part of plans to transform SHIB into an utility token and make it a go-to solution for decentralized applications.

Avorak AI Looks To Partner With Cross-Chain Liquidity

• Avorak AI is a new AI crypto project that seeks to combine AI and blockchain technologies to offer unique solutions that are AI-driven and easy to use.
• These solutions include non-plagiarised texts, language-to-art models which generate images, automated editing tools, and more.
• Avorak looks to help Shiba Inu’s native blockchain streamline various processes, including cross chain liquidity.

What Is Shibarium?

Shibarium is a Layer-2 blockchain network based on Ethereum that seeks to reduce its reliance on Ethereum by handling a larger portion of SHIB transactions. This will also result in lower transaction costs and faster transaction speeds for SHIB users. Additionally, it aims to reduce the supply of Shiba Inu tokens by introducing a SHIB burning mechanism as part of transforming it into an utility token with multiple uses cases.

What Is Avorak AI?

Avorak is an AI crypto project that runs on the Binance Smart Chain. It offers products that cater to many fields including trading and content creation such as non-plagiarised texts, language-to-art models which generate images that fit the exact specifications of the user, and automated editing tools. All these solutions will be accessible for AVRK owners using this platform powered by artificial intelligence technology combined with blockchain technology.


Shiba Inu has made significant progress in making their coin useful with the launch of Shibarium Beta while Avorak looks forward to helping its native blockchain streamline various processes like cross chain liquidity using its range of innovative solutions driven by artificial intelligence technology combined with blockchain technology..

XRP Price Soars: Will Crypto Space Follow the Bullish Signals?


  • The Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit is the most followed topic within the crypto space, as it smelt the possibility of a victory over the agencies.
  • At this time, the XRP price is accumulating some strength as it may trigger a huge bullish wave in the coming days.
  • The XRP price continues to hover above $0.39, a spike of more than 12% in the past few days.

Ripple vs. SEC Lawsuit

The Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit is the most followed topic within the crypto space, as it smelt the possibility of a victory over the agencies. After multiple hearings and arguments, the judge could produce the final ruling at any time now.

XRP Price Movement

At this time, the XRP price is accumulating some strength as it may trigger a huge bullish wave in the coming days. The XRP price continues to hover above $0.39, a spike of more than 12% in the past few days. Although the BTC price faced a major drop, the price of XRP maintained huge strength and hence may surge beyond $0.4 in the next few hours.

Technical Analysis

Moreover, the rally does not appear to be a short-lived one, as chart patterns and technicals are extremely bullish. Trading View shows that XRP price is trading within same decisive symmetrical triangle that it began during Q4 2022 after rebounding from lower support and reaching upper resistance-levels which could be sliced through shortly; RSI levels are rising high without displaying any bearish divergence while buying pressure has mounted so upswing should prevail until new yearly highs ($0.42) are reached above current value ($0.39).


Therefore, XRP’s massive bullish signals suggest potential opportunity for traders with positive outcomes predicted by experts- however investors should always be mindful and cautious when trading cryptocurrencies due to their volatile nature!

Ripple Lawyer Urges Gary Gensler to Step Down from Token Securities Cases

• Gary Gensler, the head of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), recently declared that all cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin are securities.
• Ripple’s Chief Legal Officer Stuart Alderoty criticized Gensler for forming an opinion on the case before voting.
• Attorney John Deaton also supported Alderoty’s call to have Gensler recuse himself from voting in SEC v. Antoniu.

Gary Gensler’s Proclamation

Gary Gensler is a US public servant and financial regulator who now serves as the Head of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). With his recent regulatory measures, Gensler has often come under fire. Senator Tom Emmer of Minnesota has criticized him for his regulatory flaws. He recently declared that all cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin are securities.

Alderoty Criticizes Gensler

Ripple’s Chief Legal Officer, Stuart Alderoty, described how Chair Gensler had once more declared that all cryptocurrencies, with the exception of Bitcoin (BTC), are unregistered securities in a tweet. He argued that this meant that Gensler must recuse himself from voting in any enforcement cases involving cryptocurrency securities because he had already formed an opinion on the result for SEC v. Antoniu (8th Cir. 1989).

Deaton Supports Alderoty

Attorney John Deaton, who represents thousands of XRP holders as an amicus curiae in the SEC litigation against Ripple, backed up Alderoty’s call to have Gary Gensler recuse himself from voting in SEC v. Antoniu due to prejudgment on the matter. Deaton stated that this was necessary to ensure fairness and impartiality during proceedings involving crypto tokens being classified as securities by the SEC Chairman himself.

Antoniu v SEC

The question at stake in SEC v Antoniu was whether or not Commissioner’s ongoing involvement in disbarment proceedings was an infraction of due process given his words regarding permanent bans from employment within the securities industry while proceedings were ongoing showed he had already made up his mind about the case before it even reached court..


Both Alderoty and Deaton believe it is essential for Gary Gensler to step down from any cases involving token security classification as they feel this would ensure fairness throughout proceedings as well as prevent further bias towards such decisions by having a different member vote on them instead of one already having formed an opinion on it beforehand

Hit $50K: Here’s When Bitcoin Price Will Soar

Bitcoin Price Could Hit $50,000 Soon: Here’s Why

• Angel metrics indicate Bitcoin has hit its bottom and is on the rise again.
• Institutional adoption is increasing with BlackRock and Fidelity investing in Bitcoin-related companies.
• Growing use cases such as trading NFTs and smart contracts make Bitcoin a great medium for exchange and store of value against inflation.

Angel Metrics Indicate Bitcoin Has Hit Its Bottom

CryptoRUS’s George Tung has released a new analysis video discussing Bitcoin’s potential to hit $50,000 by June. Tung presents three reasons for his argument – angel metrics, institutional adoption, and growing use case. His first reason focuses on angel metrics which indicate that Bitcoin is recovering from its bottom. These include the Rhodo ratio, MVRV score, realized cap hold of waves, reserve risk – all suggesting that Bitcoin has hit its lowest point using previous data. Additionally, the fractal pattern shows a similarity to 2019 when Bitcoin shot upwards after going sideways for some months.

Institutional Adoption Is Increasing

Tung’s second reason is institutional adoption – both BlackRock and Fidelity have invested in Bitcoin-related companies and introduced their own funds and exchanges. BlackRock holds physical bitcoin with a $15 billion fund while Fidelity is already involved with miners and institutions – showing these companies are serious about investing in BTC. This increased institutional adoption brings significant money into the space which can drive up prices further.

Growing Use Cases Are Making BTC Attractive

The most recent success of the first ever NFT collection indicates demand for digital art which can be stored on the upgraded BTC blockchain allowing storage of images on it. Stacks project helps dApp makers program on top of BTC with 35K smart contracts already deployed making it an attractive medium for exchange due to its lightning network capabilities making it a potential store against inflation appealing to many investors.


George Tung’s analysis suggests BTC could hit $50k soon due to angel metrics indicating recovery from its bottom combined with increasing institutional adoption bringing significant money into the space along with growing use cases making it an attractive medium for exchange due to its lightning network capabilities making it a potential store against inflation appealing to many investors . However he advises caution before any investment decisions are made as of press time BTC was worth $24,876

Bitcoin Price Set To Surge More Than 50% – Here’s The Timeline

§ Bullet Points:
• Michael van de Poppe has predicted an imminent surge for Bitcoin, expecting it to reach $40,000 by June 2023.
• Technical analysis suggest rising selling pressure, with a potential low of $22,050 in the near future.
• The 50-day exponential moving average suggests that Bitcoin may face resistance near $23,250.

Michael van de Poppe Predicts Bitcoin Surge

Cryptocurrency expert Michael van de Poppe has predicted an imminent massive surge for Bitcoin, expecting it to reach $40,000 by June 2023. Currently trading above a crucial level and with increased trading activity signaling a growing momentum in favor of bulls, the leading cryptocurrency may experience a dramatic rise if it breaks through the resistance level of $23,200. Van de Poppe also acknowledges the potential for a drop to extract liquidity but believes this could provide a favorable buying opportunity.

Market Capitalization & Trading Volume

Bitcoin currently has a market capitalization of $438.2 billion and trading volume of $40.7 billion over the past 24 hours; however its value has decreased by 2%. In order to maintain its position as the number one cryptocurrency its price will need to remain above its current level or else it could experience further decline towards the estimated target of $22,100; which is supported by an ascending trendline.

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis reveals rising selling pressure due to indicators such as RSI and MACD potentially leading to a new low of $22,050 in the near future. Meanwhile the 50-day exponential moving average suggests that Bitcoin may face resistance near $23,250 before any further increase in value can be seen.

Potential Resistance Level

Breaking through the current resistance level at $23,200 would drive Bitcoin prices towards next immediate resistance level at $25,000 according to Van de Poppe’s prediction though he notes that extracting liquidity from any pullback is expected too.


At this moment it remains unclear which direction Bitcoin’s price will take though Van de Poppe’s prediction provides some insight into what we might expect in terms of growth over coming months and years ahead. With increased trading activity indicating increasing bullish sentiment and technical analysis revealing rising selling pressure there are still many factors at play influencing how far Bitcoin can go up or down from here on out.

Crypto Surge Surprises Traders, But Bear Market May Not Be Over

• The cryptocurrency market began 2021 with a surge that has surprised many traders and investors.
• Bitcoin and Ether have breached some impressive critical support levels, leading to newfound excitement in the crypto community.
• Despite the overall decent gains, many market experts are warning that the bear market may not yet be over, making this a ‘disbelief phase’.

The beginning of 2021 has been an exciting time for the cryptocurrency market. After a prolonged bear market that lasted for much of 2020, the crypto market has seen a surge that has surprised many traders and investors. Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, has breached some impressive support levels and is currently hovering around the $22,650 mark. Not only that, but the global crypto market cap recently exceeded $1 trillion for the first time in a while.

This newfound optimism has led to a wave of excitement in the crypto community, as traders and investors rush to make the most out of the bullish action. However, while the gains are certainly welcome, many market experts are warning that the bear market may not yet be over. This is known as the ‘disbelief phase’, and it is characterized by traders who are skeptical of the current bull run, as they wait for confirmation of a full-scale market recovery.

Ether, the second-largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap, has also seen its fair share of gains. After a massive spike that saw it reach the $1,500 resistance level, Ethereum is only down by 1.6% in the past week. This is a significant improvement from the prolonged bear market that saw Ether drop to as low as $360 in 2020.

It is important to note that, while the crypto market has certainly seen some impressive gains, the bear market may not yet be over. Market experts such as Toni Ghinea have noted that a sustained market recovery will depend on the continued growth of Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the market will need to see a significant increase in institutional investments, as well as increased government regulations, in order for the crypto market to make a full recovery.

Until that happens, traders and investors should continue to exercise caution when investing in the crypto market, as the bear market may still be in effect. By staying up to date with the latest news and developments in the crypto space, traders and investors can make informed decisions and navigate the market more safely.

Ethereum Price Crashes to $1,527 Despite Optimism for Long-Term Prospects

• Ethereum’s price recovered above $1,600, but experienced a crash to $1,527 afterwards.
• According to Santiment, the FUD around ETH may in the medium term feed a bullish narrative for the asset.
• Popular cryptocurrency analyst Michael van de Poppe predicted a further decline in the price of Ethereum to around $1,450.

The cryptocurrency market has been highly volatile as of late, with many tokens experiencing wild price fluctuations. Ethereum, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, is no exception to this. On January 20th, the price of Ethereum recovered above $1,600, wiping out its losses from the collapse of the FTX exchange. However, after reaching a recent high of $1,638, the price crashed to $1,527.

According to experts at Santiment, the FUD around ETH may in the medium term feed a bullish narrative for the asset. Data from Whale Alert indicates that a whale today dumped 24,768 ETH worth $38 million into the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. Over the previous three days, whales moved ETH worth around $200 million to liquidity pools and crypto exchanges. Santiment also noted that the large profit-taking transaction ratio increased on January 20th and that 21% of conversations on social media sites involved Ethereum.

Popular cryptocurrency analyst Michael van de Poppe predicted a further decline in the price of Ethereum to around $1,450. He noted that the critical support level of $1,550 may see some rebounding in the price of Ethereum, but this could be short-lived if the market sentiment doesn’t improve. He also said that Ethereum could potentially reach $1,720 in the near future if the market sentiment is positive.

Despite the recent FUD and volatility around Ethereum, many investors and traders remain optimistic about its long-term prospects. Ethereum’s blockchain technology and its wide range of applications have made it one of the most popular and widely used cryptocurrencies in the world. As long as Ethereum continues to develop and build upon its technology, it is likely to remain a popular asset in the cryptocurrency market.

Play’n GO wagt sich mit Wild Blood 2 Vampire Slot in die Geheimnisse des amerikanischen Südens

Play’n GO , der Ersteller von Online-Casino-Inhalten, hat diese Woche Wild Blood 2 veröffentlicht , die neueste Erweiterung seiner Bibliothek, da dieses Jahr eine Rekordzahl an Slots hier veröffentlicht werden soll.

Der neueste Titel des Unternehmens entführt die Spieler in die Welt eines mächtigen Vampirs und seiner drei wunderschönen untoten Bräute Margaret, Rebecca und Laura

Action in Wild Blood 2 spielt vor dem Hintergrund des amerikanischen Bürgerkriegs. Die drei Heldinnen des Slots, südliche Schönheiten, deren Schönheit ihren Blutdurst verbirgt, sind die bestbezahlten Symbole im Spiel.

Wild Blood 2 ist eine Fortsetzung von Play’n GOs Wild Blood- Titel zum Thema Vampir 2013 . Das neu veröffentlichte Spiel verbessert die Aktion vom ursprünglichen 5 × 3-Raster mit 15 Gewinnlinien auf ein 6 × 4-Raster mit 4.096 Gewinnlinien . Wild Blood 2 weist eine mittlere Flüchtigkeit und einen RTP von 96,18% auf.

Während des Basisspiels können die Spieler auf zehn Auszahlungssymbole stoßen . Laut der Auszahlungstabelle sind die niedrigen Auszahlungen Kartengebühren von 9 bis A. Als nächstes kommen Schädel und Dolche. Wie bereits erwähnt, sind die drei Vampirbräute die bestbezahlten Symbole im Spiel. Jeder der drei Belohnungen belohnt den Einsatz eines 7,5x-Spielers, wenn sechs gleiche Spieler auf der Rolle landen.

Wilds, Scatters und Besonderheiten

Der Vampir-Ehemann der drei südlichen Schönheiten dient als Wildnis, das jedes andere Symbol im Spiel außer der Streuung ersetzt. Die Vampirwildnis kann auf den Walzen 2, 3, 4 und 5 als einzelnes Plättchen oder auf der Walze 6 landen, wo das Symbol als gestapelte Wildnis erscheint.

Wenn der Vampir Wild auf der sechsten Rolle erscheint, löst er einen Vampirfledermaus-Re-Spin aus. Wenn diese Funktion freigeschaltet ist, bewegt sich der gestapelte Wild auf Rolle 1 und es wird ein einzelner Re-Spin vergeben. Der Vampire Bat Re-Spin kann nicht erneut ausgelöst werden und der Freispielmodus des Spiels kann während des Re-Spins nicht ausgelöst werden.

Eine zarte Blutphiole dient als Streuung des Spiels. Wenn drei oder mehr Scatter auf die Walzen treffen, schalten sie die Bloodlust Free Spins-Funktion frei. Drei Scatter-Symbole gewähren 10 Freispiele, vier Scatter 15 Freispiele, fünf Scatter 20 Freispiele und sechs Scatter 25 Freispiele.

Um in den Freispielmodus zu gelangen, müssen die Spieler zwischen drei Optionen wählen:

Laura – Während der Laura-Funktion verteilt jedes einzelne Wild-Symbol eine Position nach oben oder unten. Wenn ein Vampirfledermaus-Re-Spin ausgelöst wird, werden alle Laura-Symbole auf den Walzen 2, 3, 4 und 5 während des Re-Spins zu mehr Wilds.

Margaret – Wenn ein Spieler die Option Margaret auswählt, wird jedes Wild-Symbol gesammelt. Wenn ein Spieler vier Wild-Symbole sammelt, erhöht sich der Gewinnmultiplikator um eins auf maximal fünf. Weitere zwei Freispiele werden vergeben. Wenn der Multiplikator erhöht wird, gilt dies für den nächsten Spin.

Durch Auslösen des Vampirfledermaus-Re-Spins werden alle Margaret-Symbole auf den Walzen 2, 3, 4 und 5 während des Re-Spins in Wilds umgewandelt.

Rebecca – jedes Wild-Symbol kann Gewinne mit x2 oder x3 multiplizieren. Die Multiplikatoren können maximal x81 kombiniert werden. Wenn Vampire Bat Re-Spin ausgelöst wird, werden alle Rebecca-Symbole auf den Walzen 2, 3, 4 und 5 während des Re-Spins zu zusätzlichen Wilds.

Open Interest in CME’s Bitcoin Futures Sets Record at $830 Million and Highlights Upward Trend


The Bitcoin (BTC) price has been in a fairly strong uptrend since mid-March when the price recovered from the massive collapse that saw the price fall to USD 3,600 on some exchanges.

Regardless of whether one is tracking the price on a 3-hour chart or the weekly time frame, the price has been rising steadily, culminating in a UDS 12,100 test on August 2nd.

Technically, there has not been a lower minimum since the 50% collapse of 2 days that saw the price test below USD 4,000.


Sometimes it is difficult to recognize longer-term movements as the human mind pays more attention to recent or traumatic events.

Some traders may have interpreted the agonizing 87 days it took to finally break the resistance of UDS 10,000 as a negative experience, considering it a bear market.

Traders who have focused on altcoins will celebrate the current ‚alternative season‘ regardless of the overall performance of the crypto

markets and there is nothing wrong with that either. The only potential drawback is that when major traders turn bearish, the trends of Bitcoin and Ether (ETH) are reversed, causing prices in alternative currencies to decline exponentially.

Billion Dollars liquidated while Bitcoin price falls $1,400 in minutes
Top traders cut back on long positions but remain optimistic
By observing the data provided by the exchanges that highlight the net long to short positioning of the traders, it can be determined whether the professionals are leaning upwards or downwards.

Although there are discrepancies in methodologies, changes in this index provide a sufficiently clear picture of the net exposure of major traders.

Binance and OKEx data remained relatively neutral until July 26, and since then, large traders have had a net long-term exposure. Not even the sharp drop in Crypto Cash prices of UDS 1,500 on August 2 could undermine the optimism of these traders.

Derivatives indicators from Bitcoin futures and options trading also remained strongly bullish despite the U.S. $1 billion settlement on Sunday, according to Cointelegraph.

So spiegeln und steuern Sie den Bildschirm Ihres Androiden auf Ihrem Windows-PC

Wenn Sie an Ihrem Schreibtisch sitzen und versuchen, etwas Arbeit zu erledigen, kann Ihr Android-Gerät eine große Ablenkung sein. Wenn ein Text eintrifft, müssen Sie Ihr Handy abholen, entsperren und dann mit der ungeschickten Touchscreen-Tastatur reagieren – und bis dahin haben Sie wahrscheinlich vergessen, was Sie auf Ihrem Computer gemacht haben.

 So spiegeln und steuern Sie den Bildschirm Ihres Androiden auf Ihrem Windows-PC

Dank einer App von developer cafehouse gehören diese Probleme der Vergangenheit an. Anstelle all dieses Jonglierens können Sie, wenn Sie Ihr Smartphone an Ihren Windows-PC anschließen, jeden Aspekt der Benutzeroberfläche von Android mit einem speziellen Fenster den android bildschirm übertragen, das den Bildschirm Ihres Smartphones widerspiegelt. Es akzeptiert sogar Maus- und Tastatureingaben, so dass Ihr Telefon und Ihr Computer jetzt stärker als je zuvor integriert sind.


  • Windows PC
  • Android-Gerät mit 5.0 Lollipop oder höher
  • USB-Datenkabel

Schritt 1 Enable USB Debugging aktivieren

Zuerst müssen Sie das versteckte Menü „Entwickleroptionen“ auf Ihrem Android-Gerät aktivieren, damit Sie „USB-Debugging“ einschalten können. Wir haben diesen Prozess unter dem folgenden Link behandelt, also gehen Sie hinüber, wenn Sie es noch nicht getan haben.

Schritt 2 Installation von ApowerMirror auf Ihrem Android-Gerät

Es gibt eigentlich zwei Softwareprogramme, die dies alles möglich machen – eine ist auf Ihrem Android-Gerät installiert, die andere auf Ihrem Windows-PC. Installieren Sie also zunächst die ApowerMirror Android App aus dem Google Play Store.

Installieren Sie ApowerMirror kostenlos im Google Play Store.

Schritt 3 Installation von ApowerMirror auf Ihrem PC

Laden Sie jetzt die ApowerMirror Companion App für Windows auf Ihren PC herunter. Sobald Sie die Installationsdatei heruntergeladen haben, starten Sie sie einfach und folgen Sie den Anweisungen, um die Software zu installieren.

Laden Sie die ApowerMirror Companion App für Windows herunter.

Unmittelbar nach der Installation werden Sie gefragt, ob Sie die Pro-Version von ApowerMirror erwerben möchten. Dies ist für die Hauptfunktionalität der App nicht erforderlich, so dass Sie auf „Testen“ klicken können, um mit der kostenlosen Version fortzufahren. Schließlich werden Sie aufgefordert, Ihr Telefon über ein USB-Datenkabel mit Ihrem Computer zu verbinden, also tun Sie genau das.

Schritt 4 Benachrichtigungsspiegelung aktivieren (optional)

An dieser Stelle haben Sie die Möglichkeit, die Benachrichtigungsspiegelung zu aktivieren, die eine Funktion ist, die Ihre Android-Benachrichtigungen direkt auf Ihrem Windows-Desktop anzeigt. Wenn Sie dies einschalten möchten, klicken Sie bei Aufforderung auf die Option „Jetzt aktivieren“.

Aktivieren Sie von dort aus den Schalter neben der Option ApowerMirror und klicken Sie dann im folgenden Popup auf „Zulassen“.

Schritt 5 Steuern Sie Ihr Telefon von Ihrem PC aus.

An dieser Stelle sehen Sie die Hauptschnittstelle von ApowerMirror, ein telefonisches Fenster, das einen Live-Feed vom Bildschirm Ihres Androiden anzeigt. Sie können diese Benutzeroberfläche mit der Maus oder dem Touchpad anklicken, und sie reagiert, als ob Sie den Bildschirm auf Ihrem Android-Gerät tatsächlich berührt hätten. Mit anderen Worten, Sie können Ihr Android-Gerät vollständig mit Maus und Tastatur auf Ihrem Windows-Computer steuern.

Auf der Seite dieses Fensters befindet sich eine Menüleiste, mit der Sie schnell Screenshots machen oder Ihren Bildschirm aufnehmen können. Und wenn Sie eine App öffnen, die im Querformat startet, dreht sich die Windowsoberfläche entsprechend. Dies macht es zu einer perfekten Schnittstelle, um Handyspiele auf dem Desktop zu spielen oder einfach nur Ihr Android-Gerät zu steuern, ohne Ihren Workflow am Computer zu unterbrechen.